• proven results

    proven results

    Composi-Sleeve has come out on top time and time again.

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  • smart pig detectable

    smart pig detectable

    Our steel half sleeves leave the best signature in the industry.

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  • dot compliant

    d.o.t compliant

    We make sure the job gets done correctly & safely every time.

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  • patented technology

    patented technology

    The Composi-Sleeve non-welded pipeline repair system and installation design is a patented process.

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Our patented technology uses a military grade chemical welding process to repair a variety of pipeline anomalies including cracks, dents, corrosion, wall loss and leakage, without taking the pipeline out of service - saving you millions of dollars.

Composi-Sleeve is the industry leader in non-welded pipe repair and reinforcement and out-performs any standard pipe repair method. Additionally, our technology can be used in a variety of difficult situations such as washes, spans and bridges, road crossings, boulders and more.

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Watch Terry Bradshaw's review of the Composi-Sleeve technology:

upcoming events

Composi-Sleeve will be exhibiting at the following events:

  • NACE Corrosion
    March 2015 Dallas, TX.
  • AGA Operations Conference
    May 2015 Grapevine, TX.

test results

Take a look at our most recent test results and cost comparisons to see why Composi-Sleeve is the safest, most reliable & easiest way to repair your pipes and tanks.

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latest news

RISER ARMOR is a new cutting edge technology that repairs and protects transition zone pipelines. It is quick, environmentally friendly, and more cost effective than repair methods that are conventionally used.

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