The Team
Western Specialties™ is the inventor and developer of the pipeline anomaly repair solutions Composi-Sleeve™ and Ultra-Wrap™. The team is built around the core competencies of solution development, testing and quality. Additionally, training, certification and contractor qualifications are primary areas of focus. Finally, marketing and business development are critical to our success strategy.

Carl "Whitey" Brooks
Sr. Vice President, Inventor of Composi-Sleeve™ and Ultra-Wrap™

Carl "Whitey" Brooks has distinguished himself, over a 60 year window of time as a "Pipeliner". He pioneering an innovative non-welded pipe repair and reinforcement solution set. It utilizes a military-grade chemical welding process to repair pipeline anomalies. The solutions, Composi-Sleeve™ and Ultra-Wrap™, has revolutionized the pipeline repair industry. The solution set improves the quality and integrity of pipeline repairs with a cost effective system, that out performs mechanical welding and composite wraps. "Whitey" started his pipeline career in 1955 as a welder's helper. In a very short time he moved up in the ranks to become an accomplished welder, foreman and pipeline repair solutions pioneer. As "Whitey" worked as a "pipeliner" he always believed there was a better solution to be found to repair pipeline anomalies. He observed the limitations of mechanical welding and composite wraps which caused him to develop the Composi-Sleeve™ and Ultra-Wrap™ pipeline repair systems.

Ryan LaVergne
Director of Technology

Ryan LaVergne is South East Texas native from "The Groves". Ryan studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston. Ryan spent the previous ten years at Stress Engineering Services Houston, with the last six with their pipeline division under the direction of Dr. Chris Alexander. He was intimately involved in the testing of many different types of scenarios that concentrated on composite repair systems. Ryan has refocused his efforts in the past year, from full scale destructive (pipeline) testing to designs to insure against full scale destruction. Ryan is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the designs of our repair systems, as well as quality assurance and control of all products that Western Specialties has.