Why Ultra-Wrap™?
Ultra-Wrap™ utilizes an optimally engineered e-glass and epoxy resin system (the strongest in its class) to repair pipeline anomalies without taking the pipeline out of service. It meets the requirements of ASME PCC-2, and by comparison satisfies the design requirements set forth in ISO 24817.

Ultra-Wrap™ repairs external corrosion and pitting on pipe and girth welds. It is commonly used to repair dents, gouges, and wrinkle bends. This system can also be used as a crack arrestor (in conjunction with another proprietary technology).

Ultra-Wrap™ conforms to all pipe geometry giving it a distinct advantage over ridged repair systems. The Ultra-Wrap™ repairs can be complete and back filled in the same day. Western Specialties has repair kits for all pipe sizes, ready to ship on demand. Additionally, Ultra-Wrap™ can be custom engineered to fit the requirements of any unique anomaly.

Ultra-Wrap™ has had all testing was performed on a third party bases with Stress Engineering Services (SES) in Houston, Texas. The tests included load bearing testing, axial testing, cyclic fatigue, vintage weld, leak-test, strain gauge analysis and a burst test. See "Results" section for copies of the SES testing documents.

Ultra-Wrap™ is supported by a world class team. Western Specialties is the Composi-Sleeve™ solution creator, developer and manufacturer. LMC Industrial Contractors is the manufacturer and supplier of the steel sleeves. The LORD Corporation is the creator, developer, manufacturer and supplier of the chemical welding agents. Primoris Services Corporation, and their family of operating companies, is the trained and certified service agents/applicators of Ultra-Wrap™ pipeline repair system and projects.

Additionally, in some cases Western Specialties and/or other pipeline repair contractor(s) may be used as the certified service agents/applicators of Ultra-Wrap™ pipeline repair system and projects. Generally speaking, each repair situation is dictated by the requirements of the pipeline operator.