Results of Composi-Sleeve™
All testing was performed on a third party bases with Stress Engineering Services (SES) in Houston, Texas. The tests included load bearing testing, axial testing, cyclic fatigue, vintage weld, leak-test, strain gauge analysis and a burst test. Dr. Chris Alexander, industry leading composite and sleeve repair expert, has been the principal team leader on all tests performed.

Additionally, Western Specialties has performed their own long term testing over the eight years of development. In October 2015, Western Specialties dug up a Composi-Sleeve™ that was installed in July 2011 in Hermiston, Oregon to examine its condition and long-term material performance. After almost 5 years in service, the repair system integrity was determined to be "as good as new!"

Strain Gage Readings during Installation of Composite Reinforcement of Vintage Girth Welds

Pressure Cycle Test Results

SES Test Results

ASME PCC-2 Qualification Testing for the ComposiSleeve™ System

Evaluation of the CompsiSleeve™ Pipeline Repair System

Stress Engineering Services

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