Composi-Sleeve™ is the only industry non-welded anomaly repair solution that protects pipeline flow. Composi-Sleeve™ is a patented pipeline anomaly repair solution that protects and supports pipeline flow.

It utilizes a military-grade chemical welding process to repair pipeline anomalies (cracks, dents, corrosion, wall loss and leakage). In most cases the pipeline does not need to be taken out of service to make the repair.

The bottom line benefits of Composi-Sleeve™ is that it allows the pipeline uninterrupted service while in repair. It is a quick and easy repair that requires no mechanical (hot) welding. It reduces stress and strain with patented clamping system (that secures the steel sleeves to the pipe in the chemical welding process).

It reinforces bad seams and vintage welds. It increases pipeline strength and rating. It is not vulnerable to creep. It is Smart PIG detectable. Ultimately, the Composi-Sleeve™ saves time and money.

The Composi-Sleeve™ has two steel half sleeves are "chemically welded" to the damaged pipe. It is much safer than a Type B Welded Sleeve. There is no hot welding or hot work involved, that results in hydrogen bubbles (that over time produce cracking).

Composi-Sleeve™ is D.OT. Compliant. According to clause 195.415(f), Federal Register, Vol. 64 No. 239 of the Federal Register states that a repair method shall repair the pipe "by a method that reliable engineering tests and analysis show can permanently restore the serviceability of the pipe." Composi-Sleeve™ has been wholly tested and analyzed by Stress Engineering Services (SES) in Houston, Texas.

All the completed engineering testing and analysis demonstrates that by reducing the stress level in defect region below and threshold level effectively arrests defect growth or defect deterioration.

Composi-Sleeve™ has ASME PCC-2 Certification. It is one of the few solutions worldwide that hold the ASME PCC-2 certifications (which pertains to the repair for pressurized steel pipeline) and is the only repair solution that utilizes steel sleeves that are not mechanically welded.

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